The Heart Interface Freedom Series


This is an Excellent Choice For Off Grid and Other Applications

That Require Power & Performance on a Budget.

Enjoy the convenience and necessity of common household appliances and tools while preserving our world's energy resources. Freedom Inverter/Chargers are ideal for use in back up power applications or in remote residential installations. They provide silent, efficient and reliable AC power from DC power sources including solar panels, generators, batteries, alternators and other charging sources.


Models Available from 1000 - 2500 watts, 25 to 130 amp battery chargers &

The New  Freedom 30 - 3000 watts for 30 minutes, 130 amp battery charger

The best just got better! Heart Interface Freedom Inverter/Chargers with Temperature Sensitive Charging technology.

Add the new TC2+2 monitor to your Freedom Inverter/Charger for voltage control based on battery temperature. The TC2+2 automatically adjusts the charge voltage to prolong the life of your battery. Silent, efficient, reliable AC power plus healthier batteries.

Freedom Inverter/Chargers with serial numbers above 150,000 are compatible with the TC2+2 Temperature Controller


Advanced LINK Battery Monitors display important battery status information and enable you to custom program your electrical system for optimum efficiency and performance. Three models even provide inverter/charger remote control. Packed with features, there's not much information these products won't give you.

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