The Utimate Portable Power Pack For No Noise or Maintainence. On the Job Site or as a Back Up Power Supply.


2000 Watts of A.C. Power

0 Noise Pollution

12" Ball Bearing Pneumatic Tires

Stainless Steel Frame & Handles

100 Amp Battery Charger

Completely Self Contained

This unit was designed to provide 2000 watts of uninterrupted 120 volt AC power wherever it is needed.( up to 4000 watts optional) The unit is equipped with a Heart Freedom 2000-watt inverter/charger that can handle surges to 4500 watts. The inverter transfer switch allows the Freedom Inverter/Charger to be connected to an external AC source, and transfer the source power through directly to the load. If the AC input is interrupted, the inverter will automatically bring the battery pack on line to pick up the load. When the AC source is returned, the Inverted/charger returns to pass through mode.

The 100 amp three stage automatic charger will then recharge the battery pack.

The Inverter/Charger is equipped with automatic high and low battery cut off. It also has automatic over temperature cut off. The inverter/charger is equipped with a temperature controlled cooling fan to help save energy. Circuit breakers protect both the input and the output of the power unit.

The battery pack consists of four (4) Trojan deep cycle L16HC wet cell batteries.

These batteries together will produce a 20 hour rating of 790AH. And 6 hours to full recharge.

The reserve capacity of the pack is 1,770 minutes at 25 amps, and 450 minutes at 75 amps.

For the contractor needing power with no noise, to the company needing backup power for their computers, this power unit is the way to meet the need. It can provide power whenever and wherever it is needed.

These are an Excellent Home Standby System for Short Term Outages and Long Term Use With The Optional Solar Panels For Battery Charging. They Only Require You To Plug Them In.

Optional Solar Panels and Larger Inverters as Well As Different Battery Configurations Can Made To Your Specs.

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