COM-6 Telecommunications Generator Set

Kohler Power Systems' COM-6 generator set is the ideal standby power source for numerous applications; from broad band cabinets to cable nodes to wireless sites to small SLC huts and CEVs. The genset's cutting-edge design makes it the perfect power choice for customers looking for the best in new electrical genset technology.

Specifically, the COM-6 brings remarkable new technology to the telecommunications industry in order to provide customers with the utmost security and peace of mind. This state-of-the-art permanent magnet generator greatly reduces the need for batteries as the source for backup power, while at the same time extending the duration of backup power to over four days in emergencies.

Powered by an air-cooled, four-cycle Kohler Command (CH20) 20 horsepower engine, this generator uses a variable speed controller and power conditioner to provide precise DC voltage output.

The new 6 kW COM-6 genset comes with two fuel options: natural gas or LP. It offers lower reserve system maintenance costs over batteries. While batteries can provide eight hours of reserve power, the COM-6 generator provides power through much longer power outages. In addition, maintenance costs are kept to a minimum because a generator-backed system typically costs less than two hours of battery reserve. A Kohler generator set can be maintained to last, whereas batteries must be replaced regularly.

As a backup source of power that can be counted on even in the most serious of emergencies, this one-of-a-kind generator also boasts clean emissions -- meeting both CARB Tier I and Federal EPA Phase I standards. The COM-6 runs quietly because the genset and muffler are mounted in a sound-attenuated, all-aluminum enclosure. And, the generator is compact enough to replace an entire battery cabinet.

A sophisticated controller allows for remote starting and features a three-position master switch, running hourmeter and system circuit breaker. This electronic control monitors everything from fuel mixture to low oil pressure. This control also keeps the generator fuel-efficient by operating at the lowest possible RPM to handle the load. The operation of this generator can be monitored using the standard remote annunciation system, which provides contact closures for interfacing to the telco monitoring system.

The COM-6 generator set is guaranteed to operate for a full 100 hours without attention. After 100 hours, a routine oil change is all that is needed. Quarterly checks and minimal upkeep allows this generator to stay on the job for over 20 years, even in the hottest of climates.

Also, Kohler's new generator is designed to keep the customer's work load and maintenance costs to a minimum. Single-side serviceability, a spin-on oil filter and a zero-maintenance sealed genset starting battery make maintaining this equipment a snap. The Kohler Command engine offers an efficient overhead valve design, electronic ignition system and hydraulic valve lifters that eliminate maintenance adjustments.

Kohler generator sets are supported by a worldwide distributor and dealer network. Kohler Power Systems has established a toll-free customer service and information number for the United States and Canada, 1-800-544-2444.

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