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The TS Series is more than an inverter. It provides most of the components necessary for a reliable power system. (Does not include battery, generator, solar panel, controller). The TS is a complete balance of systems package.

Optional Features
Standby Power (SB) -- Adds a powerful three stage battery charger and 15 amp AC transfer switch.

Battery Temperature Sensor (BTS) -- Adjusts the battery charger based on the battery temperature -- highly recommended for sealed type batteries. (Field installable).

Remote Control -- Allows you to turn on or off the inverter and check its status from up to 100 feet away. Includes 50 or 100 feet of cable (phone type cable).

Two AC Output Versions -- Standard 120 VAC/ 60 Hertz or export 230 VAC/ 50 Hertz outputs.

Two DC Input Versions -- Either 12 VDC or 24 VDC models.

AC Outlet -- Choice of standard US type duplex outlet, GFCI type duplex outlet, or a single outlet box.

Terminated Battery Cables -- Makes installation easier and maximizes performance.

Full Automatic Operation -- Once installed the system can last for years with little or no maintenance required

Battery cables included.


500va 12 or 24vdc input 120vac 60hz output without 15 amp charger or AC transfer relay

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500va 12 or 24vdc input 120vac 60hz output with 15 amp charger and AC transfer  relay

List Price 495.00  Sale Price CALL

Tiger Series Specsheet (460K)
Tiger (TS) Series Owner Manual (774K) 

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