Designed to meet the demands of recreational and industrial applications alike.
The PORTA WATTZ 1000 provides you with dependable and reliable AC power for even the most demanding of loads - anytime, anywhere.

The PORTA WATTZ 1000 will produce 1000 watts of power for 5 minutes and has a continuous power rating of 800 watts from a 12 volt DC source. It can run anything from power tools to small microwave ovens.

A quiet alternative to generators, the PORTA WATTZ 1000 stretches your energy dollar even farther with totally silent, maintenance-free operation, without spikes and voltage fluctuations, for power anytime, anywhere.


Even if you already have a generator in your system, the PORTAWATTZ 1000 can be used for lower-power or intermittent loads and save the generator (and the accompanying noise, fumes, and exhaust) for heavy-duty continuous loads.Leveraging on the success of our  PORTAWATTZ 1750 models, and the PORTAWATTZ 3000 extends our product line at the upper end of the power spectrum. It is capable of running virtually any electrical item



 Max. Continuous Power   800 W
 Surge Capability (Peak Power)   2000 W
 5 minute   1000 W
 Optimum Efficiency   approx. 90% efficient
 No Load Current Draw   <0.3 A
 Output Voltage   115 VAC RMS 5%
 Output Frequency   60 Hz quartz crystal controlled
 Output Waveform   Modified Sine Wave, phase corrected
 Input Voltage Range   10 - 15 VDC*
 Low Voltage Alarm   Yes (10.6 Volts)
 Low Voltage Cut-Out   Yes (10 Volts)
 AC Receptacles   Triple outlets
 Fuse   Internal - not user replaceable
 Weight (lbs.)   5.2
 Length (in.)   10.25
 Width (in.)   9.5
 Height (in.)   3.25

Specifications subject to change without notice.

 Available with  North American
 AC Receptacles only

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