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 V - Line

The Longest Lasting Batteries For Solar & Standby Systems.


Flat-plate technology maintains full capacity throughout the battery's life.


V-Line Batteries employ C&D TECHNOLOGIES technological innovations in a value-range product. Flat-plate technology, tapered-grid design, and our Slyver-Clad retention system combine to produce a battery that is reliable throughout its long life.

Flat-plate technology assures consistent capacity throughout the life of the V-Line.

The V-Line's tapered-grid design maximizes cross-sectional area for greater current handling capability, higher battery capacity and maximum efficiency.

Our unique plate support system and highly effective sediment notches combine to increase reliability and long life.

A Slyver-clad retention system delivers longer life and trouble-free performance.

A corrosion-proof, baked-on epoxy finish ensures that the V-Line will look as good as it works for the life of the battery.

Flat-plate technology maintains full capacity throughout the battery's life




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