True Sine Wave power inverter
120 Volt version - 1000 watt continuous,
1500 watt surge

The PROsine 1000 True Sine Wave power inverter sets a new benchmark for performance and value in the inverter catagory. Based on a 'clean-sheet' design approach, the inverter breaks new ground in form and function, and distances itself from competitive products in the performance arena.

Utilizing advanced high-frequency switching technology in the power conversion process, the PROsine 1000 incorporates some of the most advanced circuitry and components available today. Compact, light weight and bristling with a host of features, the PROsine 1000 offers a seemless, transparent delivery of AC power.

Most significantly, PROsine's TRUE SINE WAVE output allows connected loads and equipment to operate the same as they would from utility supplied power. In both features and performance, the PROsine 1000 admirably takes a significant step forward

Features of the PROsine 1000 Inverter:

1. TRUE SINE WAVE output

The PROsine 1000 power inverter draws power from a battery and delivers a true sine wave AC output that is the same as the waveform supplied by your local electric utility. In some cases, the PROsine 1000 can deliver an even better waveform than your utility-supplied power due to the extensive control circuitry incorporated in the design of the unit.


With the purchase of the PROsine Interface Panel, the detachable LCD panel provides the user a range of mounting options and delivers important system monitoring information in the most convenient location.

3. The LCD PANEL provides:

  • DC input voltage from the battery
  • DC input current (Amps) drawn from the battery
  • Power scale with inverter wattage output
  • Status/Error display for shutdown conditions - overload, over-temperature, over/under voltage
  • Convenience - can be mounted in 4 different ways on the inverter or remotely mounted with the purchase of the optional PROsine Interface Panel.


An integral transfer relay has two functions. When utility AC power fails or is disconnected from the unit, a quick transfer takes place and the PROsine 1000 inverter begins inverting DC battery power, and delivering AC power to the loads. When utility AC becomes present again, the transfer relay switches back and utility AC power is fed through to the loads. With this option, the PROsine 1000 can be used as a standby back-up power system.

PROsine 1000 Product Features:

True Sine Wave output (<3%THD):

A smooth, step-free waveform delivering dependable and reliable electrical power for even the most demanding and sensitive of loads.

Detachable LCD display panel:

Providing remote status monitoring of the battery, and functional control of the unit.

Built to Last:

With leading edge design, microcomputer control, and stringent regulatory approvals, the PROsine is built to work hard and long, day-in and day-out.

Easy to Handle and Install:

High frequency switching technology allows for smaller internal components, and creates big savings in PROsine's overall size and weight. A slimmer profile and lighter weight - a remarkable 14.5 lbs. / 6.5 kg - make the PROsine more convenient for installation in tight spaces where competitive products just won't fit.

Connect from any angle...UP, DOWN, BACKWARDS, and ANYWHERE in between:

PROsine's DC connection terminals have been uniquely designed to accept battery cables in 180 degrees of rotation. Our design approach makes it easier to wire up the PROsine even in the most constrained areas, and lets the wires exit from the power inverter in the most convenient fashion.

PROsine 1000

Max. Continuous Power
 1000 W
Surge Capability (5 seconds)
 1500 W
Peak Output Currency
Peak Efficiency
No Load Current Draw
 <1.5 W (search mode)
Output Frequency
 60 Hz +/-0.05% (crystal controlled)
Output Waveform
 True Sine Wave <3% THD
Input Voltage Range 12V / 24V
 10 - 16Vdc / 20 - 32 Vdc
Output Voltage (at no load)
 120Vac RMS +/- 3%
Output Voltage (over full load & battery voltage range)
 120Vac RMS -10% /+4%
Low Battery Cut-Out 12V / 24V
 10 Vdc / 20 Vdc (5 sec. time delay, 10.5 Vdc warning)
High Battery Cut-Out 12V / 24V
 16 Vdc / 32Vdc
 Automatic Overload, Short Circuit, Overtemperature, Over Voltage,  Under Voltage, Reverse Polarity (fuse), AC backfeed
Transfer Relay rating
 15A (on hardwire/transfer relay models)
Transfer Time AC to Inverter and Inverter to AC
 Max 2 cycles (typically 1 cycle)
 <2.5 seconds with POWERSAVE "ON"
Regulatory Approvals and other designations
 CSA 107.1, UL 458 and UL 1741
Designed to meet:
 KKK-A-1822D Fed. Spec. for Ambulance;
 ABYC E8, E9, A25
 FCC Class A
 14.5 lbs. (7 kg)
 15.4 in. (390 mm)
 11 in. (280 mm)
 4.5 in. (115 mm)
Operating Temperature (See power derating curves)
 0 - 60 degrees C (32 - 140 degrees F)
Storage Temperature
 -30 to +70 degrees C (-22 to +158 degrees F)

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