True Sine Wave Inverter " Charger
A 2500 watt true sine wave inverter combined with a 100 amp continuous duty, multi-stage battery charger.

The PROsine 2.5 Inverter/Charger strikes the perfect balance of power in meeting your AC power demands, your DC charging needs, and seamlessly transferring between both modes to meet your changing day-to-day power requirements.

A powerful solution to all your remote power needs, the PROsine 2.5 utilizes advanced high-frequency switching technology in the power conversion process. Incorporating some of the most advanced circuitry available today into the design, the PROsine 2.5 offers several benefits, which include:

  Clean AC power - true sine wave output for sensitive loads

  Light weight - for ease of installation

  Totally silent - for quiet operation

  Clean DC output - filtered output for ideal battery charging

  High surge capability - for difficult AC loads

Functions of the PROsine 2.5 Inverter/Charger:

Inverter Function:

When the PROsine 2.5 Inverter/Charger is in inverter mode, it draws power from a battery and delivers a true sine wave AC output that is the same as or better than the waveform supplied by your local electric utility. In some cases, the PROsine 2.5 Inverter/Charger can deliver an even more stable waveform than your utility-supplied power due to the extensive control circuitry incorporated in the design of the unit.

Charger Function:

The"smart" charging capability of the PROsine 2.5 Inverter/Charger provides a multi-stage charge to quickly bring back deep-cycle batteries to their full charge. Using microprocessor control, the PROsine 2.5 Inverter/Charger precisely regulates the voltage and current delivered to the battery, accurately charging the battery without risk of overcharging and battery damage. Depleted batteries are taken through the recommended "Bulk", "Absorption", and "Float" stages and a manually set "Equalize" stage is available to bring flooded batteries up to their peak capacity. The charging algorithm used in the PROsine 2.5 Inverter/Charger is based on the same charge cycle algorithm used in Statpower's proven TRUECHARGE battery charger line.

Automatic Transfer Switch:

An integral 30 amp rated relay has two functions. When utility AC power fails or is disconnected from the unit, a quick 20 millisecond (maximum) transfer takes place (16 ms typically) and the PROsine 2.5 Inverter/Charger begins inverting, delivering AC power to the loads. When utility AC becomes present again, the control circuit waits for 8 seconds, during which time the unit verifies the stability of the AC source and synchronizes the inverter to the AC source for a smooth, seamless transfer. Battery charging will begin and AC is also fed through the unit to power the AC loads.


Remote Control Panel:

The Control Panel provides basic control and display information, so you can monitor the status of the PROsine 2.5 Inverter/Charger unit and your electrical system. The standard Remote Control Panel is included with the PROsine 2.5 Inverter/Charger unit. There's no need to pay extra for remote monitoring and control.

An optional Advanced Control System (ACS) panel is available for the PROsine 2.5. Call Statpower for more information on this option.

PROsine 2.5 Product Features:
    True Sine Wave Output (<5%THD):
    A smooth, step-free waveform delivering dependable and reliable electrical power for even the most demanding and sensitive of loads.
    Super-Quick Transfer:
    A maximum detect and transfer time of 20 milliseconds (16 ms typically) ensures critical loads stay powered up when AC power drops away.
    Multi-Stage Charger:
    Can be set for either gel or flooded batteries and delivers 100 amps of charging current for quick, accurate battery charging.
    99% Charger Power Factor Rating:
    Allows operation from smaller generators, as the full 100 amps of charging current requires only 15 Amps of AC input power.
    Full Range Operation:
    Battery banks are often well below the ideal "normal" 12 Volts. To compensate for that fact, the PROsine 2.5 Inverter/Charger delivers its rated 2500 Watts continuous right down to 10 Volts input.
    High Frequency Switching Technology:
    Results in a lighter weight and compact design for ease of installation. Actual product weight - a remarkable 32 lbs.!
    Over-temperature shutdown, Auto overload protection, Battery reverse polarity.

PROsine 2.5

Max. Continuous Power
 2500 W
Surge Capability (5 seconds)
 4000 W
Peak Efficiency
 88% Efficient
No Load Current Draw
 <3 W (search mode)
Output Voltage

 120V AC RMS +/-3%
 120V AC RMS -10%/ +4%
Output Frequency
 60 Hz +/-0.05% (crystal controlled)
Output Waveform
 True Sine Wave <5% THD
Input Voltage Range 12V / 24V
 10 - 16V / 20 - 32V
 Automatic Overload, Short Circuit, Overtemperature
 Reverse Polarity (fuse)
Transfer Time (AC to Inverter)
 Typically less than 20 ms
Charge Rate 12V / 24V
 100A / 50A
AC input Power Factor (Charger ON)
Charger Efficiency
Charge Control
 3-Stage with Manual Equalize
Temperature Compensation
 3 Settings or Optional Sensor
Electrolyte Compensation
Input Voltage Range
 90 - 135 V AC
Transfer Relay Rating
 32 lbs. (14.5 kg)
 20 in. (51 cm)
 15 in. (38 cm)
 5.5 in. (14 cm)
Operating Temperature (Power derating above 25 degrees C, 77 degrees F)
 0 - 60 degrees C (32 degrees - 140 degrees F)
 Inverter mode
 0 - 50 degrees C (32 degrees - 122 degrees F)  Charger mode
Storage Temperature
 -30 degrees to +70 degrees C
 (-12 degrees to +158 degrees F)

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