Get The Best Vacuum Sealer Without The High Price

Premium Home-Use Vacuum Sealer

Model 1630

FRESHLOCK TurboSeal preserves the freshness, flavor, color and nutrients of food for about 2-3 times longer compared to other storage methods. That's because it vacuum-seals food airtight in polyethylene plastic bags that are made to the exact size needed. A Great Buy @ Only  $ 79.95 Retail $149.99

Plus, FRESHLOCK TurboSeal will store and protect countless other household items. In fact, with so many ways to save with FRESHLOCK TurboSeal, you will recognize instantly that it pays for itself over and over again. The TurboSeal comes with an 11-inch by 33-foot superior-grade polyethylene roll. A Polyethylene Replacement Roll Three Pack is also available For Only  $ 35.99  Or A Six Pack Of Bags For $ 59.95

 FRESHLOCK bags can be used for the microwave or boil-in-bag cooking and feature a label strip to record the contents,weight and date stored.

  • Easy-Roll End Caps
  • Fast And Powerful Turbo Vacuum Action
    Aerodymamic turbo fan, three-channel nozzel and European low-profile unit design provide faster, better, vacuum action.
  • Extra Protection, High Integrity Sealing Action
    Patented three-wire seal provides superior double sealing action for extra protection and unmatched ease of operation
  • Unique Heat Selector Switch
    Choose High, Medium or Low setting to seal plastic lined foil wrap of different thicknesses. Ideal for re-sealing potato chips, brown sugar, pasta, rice, cheese and other items in original store packages
  • Cut Bag Switch
    Performance safety feature automatically cuts each bag without the need for scissors or a razor blade.
  • Exclusive Create-A-Pouch® Switch
    Create one or more connected bags. Attach and save sauces with entrees or toppings with desserts. Create portions, snacks or sort ingredients for baking.



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