Economical Food Storage

Freshlock® Vacuum Sealer

Model 1631


Unparalleled Color Selection!

What better way to keep foods fresh and flavorful than with the FRESHLOCK Vacuum Sealer. Available in white, black, red, blue and hunter green which provides a selection of colors to match any kitchen.

Ideal For Food Storage

FRESHLOCK is the easy, economical home food storage system that vacuum seals food in cut-to-size polyethylene plastic bags. This locks in freshness, flavor, color and nutrients longer than conventional storage methods. Use it everyday. Pack lunches, leftovers, snacks or entire meals. Buy in bulk and pre-package individual servings. Freeze meats and vegetables - vacuum sealing helps protect against bacteria and freezer burn.

Ideal For General Storage

There is almost no limit to the usefulness of FRESHLOCK around the home. Protect cherished photos and valuable documents. Keep charts, maps and matches safe and dry when boating or camping. Seal collector items such as baseball cards and stamps. Wrap cosmetics for travel to protect against spills. Prevent silver from tarnishing. Store and organize countless other items.                Price Only $ 59.99  Retail 119.00

Four-Pack Replacement Rolls 

Don't forget to stock FRESHLOCK Four-Pack Polyethylene Replacement Rolls. Each 11" x 33 ft. roll makes approximately 66 six inch bags - 264 bags in all!   Price Only $ 34.95



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